Intro to GeoBliki

Posted by Linda Derezinski Tue, 19 Sep 2006 01:23:00 GMT

GeoBliki is …

Open Source

Ruby-on-Rails application that integrates other open source components including Community MapBuilder, Typo, Hieraki, and Opinion. As well as supporting many of the OGC web services: WFS, SAS, SPS, SOS, WPS, SensorML…

Sensor-data Node Publisher

Data is published in various forms, which is accessible to local or remote users for free or fee. Users can register to existing subscriptions around areas of interest. The notifications are generated when new data, comments/annotations on the existing data become available. The user selects the delivery method from email/IM or GeoRSS feeds on a per subscription basis.

Geo Data

Local users access the Geo data blog and/or the Geo-wiki. The Geo-Blog gives a chronological perspective of the data while the Geo-Wiki allows for hierarchical views based on user-driven topics or specific geographic features of interest. Users are encouraged to interact with data and/or other users about the data. Chat and forums are built-in. Map/data annotations will be added soon.

Remote users or aggregators can rely on OGC services to query the database, and even task the EO-1 satellite using the Sensor Planning Service. Identity Management becomes a must for these capabilities. Satellite tasking could be provided at no cost for emergency response teams for instance while for a fee to other users. OGC GeoDRM and license management capabilities will be quickly integrated to support these various requirements.

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

SNA is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people and groups. Users declare their skills and the community at large is able to endorse those skills as well as assign their own to another user. Users are able to search for people with certain skills as well as send emails to other users with particular skill sets. A user’s karma is based upon the communities rating of their skills.

To build your community you are able to invite existing GeoBliki users to connect to you. If you know of someone who is not currently a member of the GeoBliki, you are able to invite him or her to join. GeoBliki supports both Friend Of A Friend (FOAF) and VCard formats. Looking at various SNA maps, the Mavens (the most go-tos) and Connectors (the most connected) become apparent. Patterns will also emerge which will show communities within other communities.


It is envisioned, in a very near future, that GeoBliki data nodes will be part of larger clusters of consumers and providers within a federated and distributed architecture of trusted nodes using standard protocols to exchange geospatial data and build new social communities.


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